Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I bought several pairs of black and navy blue socks.
As I made my choices at the store, I made a point to pick socks that had different textures so I could more easily tell the difference between the colors when I had to grab them in the dark.
Black - striped texture
Navy - cable texture

Brought my new socks home and cut off the sticky wrapper and plastic binding.
And found...
Each 3-pack of socks had a variety of textures included:  striped, cable, and smooth.

Since I had to tear the packaging apart to find this out, I cannot return the socks.
I am stuck with six pairs of socks that look nearly identical.

And you're thinking, well Roses, if they all look alike, what's the problem?
Truly, they all look black until you hold a navy sock against a black one... even in proper light.
This shouldn't be a problem really.

But, the lighting at work is different, and the two colors are VERY different there.
(It's very much like the amazing color-changing pants.)


I tried.  I really tried to take care of me.
I hate sock companies today.


Dani said...

Down with socks! Bare feet for all!

Thumper said...

Eh...just tell everyone you're a trend setter and they they should ALL be wearing mismatched socks...

las794 said...

You could lay out your socks the night before, when there's light. Or, hey, you could turn the light on to dress. ;)

Christie Critters said...

The Bearded One would be totally on your side on this one. He is mildly colorblind and has much trouble with navy/black distinction. When he last bought socks, he tried just exactly what you did. And it worked, except that he forgot to get rid of all of his old socks so now everything is mixed up again. I have good color vision and I even have to wait to pair his socks in daylight by a window. The lights in our closet just make everything look the same - even when right next to each other.

Andy said...

Maybe I'm an old fuddy duddy, but I always roll my socks up together in while there's plenty of light.

That way, they match in daylight. Genius, huh?

But, as to the black/navy thing...ummmm...could you maybe put the navy ones on the left, and the black ones on the right in the drawer?

But then again, when it's early, and it's pitch black, and you're trying to get dressed while groggy you might forget which is which.

So, yeah, I'd go with what las794 suggested, about the night before thing.

Unknown said...

I'm with you Andy. I get dressed in the dark every morning so I pair my socks when I put them away. I don't pair them the way most people do, because that ruins the elastic, I just tie them together in a simple knot.

Roses, you can certainly take them back even after opening them if they did not meet your expectations. Opening a package does not make an item non-returnable.

Bou said...

Oh, that sucks. I went to work with one black shoe and one blue. (low heels) Bonus for me, I worked for an engineering firm with all men. Nobody noticed until *I* noticed at lunch and uttered a loud enough *gasp* that someone looked to where I was staring... my feet.

Can you keep one color sock on the rightside and one on the left side? Or put rubber bands around the blue and not the black?

Living in FL, I don't have to wear socks, but I do empathize.

Roses said...

I *do* pair all my socks.
But, when I'm wearing black slacks, I want to wear black socks as well. Looking into the sock drawer, can't tell which ball of socks is navy which is black.

And sure, I can store them in separate areas.

But you know what REALLY would work for me?

That's what I WANTED.
That's what I took time to CHOOSE!

I know what works!
That's what kills me.
I. Know. What. Works. For. Me.

And they screwed it up.

So, thank you for all your suggestions. They are all fabulous ways to FIX what the SOCK COMPANY screwed up.

Harvey said...

Grab your sewing kit and put a couple tiny stitches on the toe.

Red on the Navy ones & yellow on black ones (or whatever other colors would work better for contrast and visibility)

Then roll them all up into a voodoo doll of the CEO of the sock company and start sticking pins into it.