Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Amazing Color-Changing Pants!

I ordered a pair of slacks which I hoped would match a blazer I have in my closet.

The blazer is green and black.
The color in the catalog described the slacks as "deep green".
I thought it was a safe bet.

The slacks showed up yesterday.
I was so excited! Ripped the package open and yanked out the pants and...

Darn it!

They're brown.

"Look, honey! This isn't green, it's brown!"
"Yup, that looks brown, alright."

You know what?
These slacks just might match the brown and black blazer I have!

Hot dog!
"Look at this, honey!"
"Well, that does match. Good for you!"

Of course, the mirror in our room has an odd angle to the light, so it's hard to see just how it matches up, so I trek to the basement where we have another full-length mirror under the bright, flourescent bulbs.

And when I get there...

"Honey! My pants are GREEN!"
"MY pants are green! Come here and look! They're green!"
"Holy cow! They ARE green!"

So, naturally, I run upstairs.
And the pants are brown again.
Back downstairs, they're green.

The husband is following me now, and giggling.
"That is SO weird! BOYS! Come watch your mother's pants change colors!"

So, we all run up and down the stairs watching my new pants turn from green to brown to green...

Who says families don't do things together anymore?


Mrs_Who said...

Umm...sounds like y'all are wanting for entertainment.

Roses said...

Mrs_Who: What more could you want once you have magic pants?

jaj said...

That's funny! I have a sweater with similar magical powers. If you look closely, it's blue, but held against blue pants, not so much. Looks more like black. So I wore it with black pants and it looked great. Until I got out in public and the sweater looked blue again.

Rave said...

Hey- do you have magical size-changing pants? I sure could use some of those!

Roses said...

Rave: I do! They get smaller by magic! (There's simply no other explanation.)

jaj: Makes me afraid to wear my own clothes outside the house. People will think I can't dress myself. Ack!

Richmond said...


sticks said...

LOL. Just accessorize in the "other" color so your prepared when they change colors.

Tink said...

I'm laughing so hard I can't type.

Roses said...

Richmond: Truly, I am...
Dos Pantelones!

vw bug said...

LOL! Good thing I don't have such pants... I would definitely be in trouble. And like you I have some magic pants that keep getting smaller. Somehow I blame the fudge. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for those pants for two years...they used to be called 'living rubber' could you please post where you found them?