Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shake on it

I met a woman last week who had an odd handshake.
She kept her thumb straight up.
No grip at all... because she didn't bend her thumb.

It was like she was waving at me sideways at waist level while I held her hand.

And no, she wasn't handicapped in any way.

It was really weird in a frigid kind of way.
And I'm now wondering what it would be like if she ever came across someone who shakes hands the same way.  Heh.  That would be epic.

Ever run across someone with a bad handshake?
(And, just me, or does this sound like it could've been the subject of a Seinfeld episode?)


Shinny said...

I hate the limp fish handshake. We have been doing some interviews that past couple weeks and the people who come in just have the limp handshake. Come on people you are applying for a laborer position, handshakes like that don't make me confident that you can hold a hammer or cut down any trees.

KDaunt said...

I don't think this would be considered odd, because I encounter it often, but the handshake where the other person sticks their four fingers into my grip is odd. It's as though they don't want me to touch their palm or something. Am I supposed to kiss the back of their hand?

Andy said...

I do run across people that leave the thumb extended. Normally, it is a woman. But, my 14 year-old son shakes hands that way. I've shown him the standard handshake, but when it comes down to it in a social situation, it's a flat-palm thing.

He has many quirks (don't we all?). Most of them are in his motor skills, and flexibility/coordination issues. He still can't tie his own shoes at 14, so I'm happy with the fact that he at least knows to extend a hand when introduced to an adult.

And yes, what bugs KDaunt also bugs me. I just hate that...unless it's a lady. My grandmas & great grandmothers grabbed a hand like that. It was always like a sign of affection in a way, and I assumed that it was the way genteel southern ladies were taught to extend a hand.

But, when another man does it...well...it bugs me.

Dani said...

Roses you are 100% correct, this COULD be a Seinfeld eppisode.

I always wonder if I have a bad handshake because I don't do it very often and when I do it feels realy akward.

Thumper said...

We should all juts go to the fist bump. Much more sanitary, and you can "miss" if you don't like the other person ;)

Andy said...

Heh! Leave it to Thumper to bring a relevant suggestion to the thread...

las794 said...

Or you can accidentally sock 'em if you REALLY don't like the other person. :D

KDaunt said...

Las794 - He he, a fist bump to the face. Oops!

Roses said...

Right there, several reasons why Blogger needs a "like" button.


Andy said...

You can say that again...I mean about Blogger needing a "like" button.

I've been lobbying for some such thing for a looooooooong time. But, they just don't seem to respond to my brilliant suggestions as quickly as they once did.