Thursday, October 21, 2010

Talk to the animals

Elder Son was getting ready to leave for school when I spotted the spider hanging from the light fixture.

I hope my friend Richmond forgives me, but I like spiders.  I like that they eat creepy crawly things that I truly dislike.  But, I explained to Elder Son standing there, I don't like to know they're around.

I turned to the spider and said, "Buddy, you have to go.  Just go... away." 
I clapped my hands near it, and it began to slowly climb.  "Go faster!  Hurry!  You can come back when nobody's here."

When I glanced over at Elder Son, he had a very amused look on his face.
"What?  You think it's funny I talk to spiders?"
"No," he answered.  "I think it's funny that if Father is listening and doesn't know you're talking to a spider, he'd think you were just talking to me."

I considered what I'd been saying, and we both cracked up laughing.

As Elder Son walked out the door, I called after him, "Have a nice day!  You can come back when nobody's here!"


Dani said...

Snort. Glad I wasn't drinking coffee yet.

Priscilla said...

As terrified as I am of the little beasts I try not to kill the ones that are a little less creepy.

I have 2 in the bathroom at work right now and I send them off when I'm in there. Then they come back out when I'm gone.

How funny, I didn't think anybody else did that.

Roses said...

Priscilla: At prom, my friend Whoopie had a tiny green spider crawl out of her wrist corsage. I walked with her to the door, the whole time she talked to this little creature. Then she nudged it off her arm into the bushes outside.
She told me she talked to bugs all the time.

So, there are three of us. :-)

vw bug said...

Four of us. I talk to them as well as I haul them out of the house. With the exceptions of mosquitoes. The only thing I may say to those is DIE.