Monday, November 29, 2010

I'd like an order of fast food with a side of quick wit

We were discussing signature burgers at fast food restaurants when Younger Son asked, "What would they say if you went to McDonald's and ordered a Whopper?"
I told him, "They'd say, 'That's very funny.  Now, which burger would you like me to spit on for you?'"


After our meal had been consumed, I reached for what was left of the soda The Husband and I were sharing.  The Husband warned me, "There's nothing but backwash left in there."
I gave a long, loud empty-cup slurp on the straw and smacked my lips.  "Mm, backwash!  You can't order that at McDonald's."
"Well," The Husband replied, "You can... if you order a Whopper."


Lemon Stand said...

Darn! And here I thought my husband owned the controlling share on the quick wit market. I better go tell him his stock just plummeted...
**laughing all the way**

vw bug said...

That was funny! I need lessons in quick humor and wit.