Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Had a nice Thanksgiving with The Husband's family.
The mother-in-law (who chose not to attend but we chose to visit on our way to dinner) was in fine form.

When we arrived, she was visiting with the facility owner.
"Oh, please come back anytime," the mother-in-law said to the owner as she excused herself.  "You are the only one here who can put two sentences together... if you know what I mean."  (She means the staff is stupid.)

That's one.
One gripe, and we've just walked in.

The Husband, in attempt to redirect her hostile intentions, quipped, "No one in our family can string two sentences together, either."
"Well, I haven't seen any of YOU often enough for you TO string two sentences together!"

Aaaaaand two.
A rip on the staff, and a rip on us.
Come on in!  Warm up by the fire!

We stayed for about a hour before moving on to the family feast without her.

Oh, but it doesn't end there, friends!

At the dinner, we find out the niece, who hosted the event, had written to the mother-in-law to invite her to Thanksgiving, and in return, the niece got a 3-page explanation of WHY the mother-in-law most definitely would NOT be attending Thanksgiving dinner that year or ever again
Because she had NEVER been comfortable or welcomed at ANY Thanksgiving gathering EVER!
"And let me detail every painful moment I've suffered..." (Okay, I'm paraphrasing there.)  "... for the next three pages even though it's not your fault, but since you asked..."

Won't happen again, lady.

No problem.
More turkey for us.


las794 said...

MIL will always be miserable and will never understand why. Sheesh...

Andy said...

That's really sad, Roses. I remember reading about your MIL in previous posts.

I really pity people like her. To have people in her life that WOULD LOVE to love on her, and to be loved in return...and to blow it!

My wife's Grandmother was just like that. The family all cried at her funeral...not because they were going to miss her...but because they never really had her.

It's a pity.

Dani said...

Sheesh Drama Queen! News flash lady the world does not revolve around you.

Speaking as a drama queen myself this is a lesson I had to leard early. To bad she didn't, she would have enjoyed more of her life.

Teresa said...

Far too many people like her in the world, sad to say. They aren't happy and they don't want anyone else to be either. I'm sorry you have to deal with that at what should be a happy time. *sigh*

Roses said...

"The family all cried at her funeral...not because they were going to miss her...but because they never really had her."

Very sad, Andy.

Roses said...

las794: Oh, honey. She knows why. It's everyone else's fault she's miserable. Just ask her.

Dani: She was once given pain meds in the hospital and was a very pleasant person. She actually liked things! But, then she quit the meds because they made her constipated... and she had THAT to complain about on top of everything else.

Teresa: Hey, I still got to walk away. She doesn't live in my house anymore! Yay!

The Gray Monk said...

Sad, but there are a nawful lot of people just like her in the world these days...

At least you had something to really give thanks for after stopping by ...

vw bug said...

I love Gray Monk's response. Yes, I know people like that as well. I think most families have at least one.

Christie Critters said...

Toward the end of my MILs life, she turned that way. Luckily for me I had lots of good times with her to remember when she went on one of her "My son is worthless and MEAN" jags. I would take only so much and say "OK, you've had you say and I'm married to the guy so I won't agree with you. Enough already". It usually worked.

Shoshanah Marohn said...

Definitely one of those people you can never change, so just making fun of her is probably the best thing!