Friday, November 26, 2010

Training: 100% complete!

The whole family was enjoying a lazy evening watching television.

"Hey, Younger Son," said The Husband, "go get me an ice cream sandwich from the basement, would ya?"
"Me, too!" said I.
"Me, too!" said Elder Son.
"Me, too?" asked Younger Son.
"Sure!  Why not!"

Younger Son thundered down the stairs, thundered back up, and handed out the treats.  We unwrapped the goods, dropped the papers on the coffee table and enjoyed.
During the next commercial break, The Husband turned to Younger Son.  "Hey," he said, "when are you gonna go get me my ice cream sandwich?"
"Yeah," I said, "we've been waiting."
"Yeah," said Elder Son.
"Oh," said Younger Son.

Younger Son thundered down the stairs.
Elder Son whispered, "Didn't we already have ice cream sandwiches?"
I pointed at the wrappers on the coffee table.  "Quick!  Hide the evidence before he gets back!"

Elder Son snatched the papers and ran to the kitchen to dispose of them.

"Look at that!" I exclaimed triumphantly to The Husband.  "Not only did we get them to fetch snacks for us, we got them to clean up, too!"

Happy Post-Thanksgiving to you!
May all your treats be fetched for you by someone else.


vw bug said...

You rock. I wish I was that quick on the uptake. Hope you enjoy many more moments of sitting quietly while others serve you!

Dani said...

You're fiendishly clever

Andy said...

Something similar happened with me and my wife the other night. Only it was "Andy, go get me a bowl of ice cream."

And when she finished, it was "Hey, take this bowl and put it in the dishwasher for me."

Thanks for this I realize just how well trained I am.

The Merry said...

Sneaky... very sneaky...
I like it :)