Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Neighbor's Dog

Our neighbors have a goofy dog.  Short legged collie.  Roundest collie I've ever seen.  Usually when I see the dog outside, it's walking in circles in their front yard.

The dog occasionally poops in our yard.

One morning, I caught him wandering over the property line into our yard.  I hustled out there and hollered at him.  But he was in no hurry to leave.  He turned his slow circle and mosied back to his own yard with me shouting and clapping my hands behind him like I was rustling the slowest, smallest cattle herd in the world.

I was kinda annoyed that neighbors don't monitor his activity.

Another day, I watched from my window as the dog wandered the line between our properties.  I wanted to be sure another tiny cattle herding wouldn't be necessary.
And I watched that dog walk straight into a boulder.

The poor thing was nearly, if not completely, blind.

For several days after he walked into the rock, there was no sign of the dog. 
Crap, I thought.  Did it die?
I felt like a jerk for being annoyed at this poor dog who probably would have run away from the crazy loud lady if he physically could have.  He probably thought he was running.

But the dog showed up again days later.
Goofy round short blind dog.

Still walking in circles in the neighbor's front yard.
Bless him.


stapeliad said...

Awwwwww bless him!
Pooping on your yard is not cool...but how mad can you get at a blind round goofy collie?

I'm glad he is ok after the boulder crash.

Roses said...

Exactly. How mad can you can at a little guy who's just trying to manage?

I also became more tolerant of older folks after Mom and Dad had started needing extra help.
My heart just melts. I spent 25 minutes wandering a cold, snowy parking lot last week trying to help an older couple find where they'd parked their car. Turned out they had exited to building on the complete opposite side from where they'd parked. They'd have never found their car on their own.