Monday, January 04, 2016

Brian's Song

I wake up early one weekend morning to find The Husband watching a football movie on TV. After watching quietly, I recognize the movie as Brian's Song, but the actors are different from the version I remember.

Me:  Oh!  This is a remake.
He:  It's Brian's Song. It's a classic.
Me:  Yeah, but this is a remake.
He: No, it's not.
Me:  Isn't that the guy who plays the doctor in Firefly?
He:  Huh, it is.  Drat. Now I hate this movie.


stapeliad said...


that's a quick change of heart.

Roses said...

I know, right?
I nearly fell off the couch trying not to laugh out loud.

Thumper said...

They remade it? WHY? Sheesh.

Roses said...

It *was* done brilliantly, but yeah... Why?