Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do you hear what I hear?

I work in a radio station.
Part of my job is to produce the talk show:  I answer the phones, screen the calls, watch the clock, push the buttons, watch the host's non-verbal cues so I know when he's ready to dump a caller or take a commercial break...
If we were a competitive water ski team, I'd be the guy driving the boat.  Not the focus of the show, but vital to the performance.

So, you get the idea that I'm pretty aware of what goes on with the talk show, right?

I was sitting in my boss' office with the boss and a female salesperson account representative, and the three of us were discussing the public stir the talk show host has been creating lately.
People either love him or hate him.  Both sides of the fence have been calling the show recently.
Suddenly, the account rep turned to me and exclaimed, "Did you hear that awful woman who called the show today?!?"


"I... was right there in the studio."

I kinda had to hear her.
I put her on the air.

Thanks for playing.


Miss Em said...


you didn't tell us......

You're invisible!!!!!

Aren't you?????

Miss Em
""scratchin head""

Moogie P said...

Natural or bleached blonde?

(Sorry -- you forced me to use a stereotype!)

Andy said...

Moogie beat me to it.

Lemon Stand said...

Oh My! Moogie and Andy beat me to it...

Harvey said...

So... is it a GOOD thing to have a polarizing talk show host, profit-wise?

Roses said...

Harvey: In theory, it is profitable. As always, though, you need a talented sales staff to pull it off.

And you see what we're working with, here...