Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Girls are stupid.

(I can say this because I am a girl, and I am guilty of the following)

A girl, when upset by something you say or do (or something you have failed to say or do), will not tell you right away that she is upset.  She will clam up and stop talking to you while she sorts out in her head what exactly she is upset about.
Therefore, you may not realize she is upset with you, and you will have no idea you've done anything wrong.
By the time you've figured out there's something afoot, she's had time to think about what went wrong, has scrutinized each minute detail about it, and has built up a good head of steam.  To you, however, this is news, yet, she can't figure out how you can't know what she's mad about.

What a waste of time and effort.
On her part.

Girls are stupid.


Andy said...

What a waste of time and effort.
On her part.

Indeed, Roses. People have no idea how they damage themselves just this way. And, the other guy sleeps just fine.

Bitterness, unforgiveness, grudges...all straight from the devil...and a tool of self-destruction. Good post.

Dani said...

Okay I admit I do that. But probably more than half the time once I think about it I calm down and decide it wasn't such a big deal before I ever get around to confrontation.

Six months is a loooong time to hold on to something like that. Must be exausting.

Harvey said...

Wait... so extrapolating from Dani I'm really only getting HALF of my wife's mystery rage?

I'm trying to imagine how weird the things are that get left on the cutting room floor.

Richmond said...

Goodness.... And this is so true...

Chazya said...

i agree... i like hanging out with guys more... girls have way too much drama...

i remember a roommate i once had:

me" i'm getting hungry, how about i cook us some dinner"

rommie " I AM NOT FAT, why do you have to be so mean"

me "who said you were fat, i just asked if you were hungry"

roommie "you did"

me "when?"

roommie "right now when you asked to cook us something"

me "what?, i dont remember saying that"

roommie "no, but you were thinking it and it was implied in your question"

me "uh..... hey i'm just gonna make myself a salad and go back to work (i work form home) goodnight"

roommie "your so mean to me!"

the roomie was 5'8" and 145 pounds and i was 5'1" and 250 pounds... i was the fatty.... she was.. enviable