Monday, December 06, 2010

Dear Bruce Campbell,

Please record more audio books.
Last time I drove to Michigan, I listened to your audiobook "Make Love: The Bruce Campbell Way".  It was like having you in the passenger seat telling me ridiculous stories about Hollywood.
(Please don't tell anyone I got half-way through it before realizing it wasn't really an autobiography.)

I tried to get more books on tape that you've voiced, but I couldn't find any in my area.
It made for a longer road trip.  :(

Please do more.
I love them.



Dani said...

I love Bruce Campbell!

I checked but they didn't have anything he narated.Which sucks 'cause now that you mention it I totaly want to her him narrate.

Hope your trip was good.

Roses said...

Well, Dani, I guess now I know who the *cool* kids are!