Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toy recalls


Fisher Price is recalling a boatload of toys.
On the list is a tricycle with a "protruding key" that has injured ten children.

TEN children.

You know what?
My dad and my husband would look at that and saw the damned thing off and file it smooth before any of us would even THINK of expecting the company to recall the thing or give us restitution.

What's more, my dad and mom would've seen that "protruding key" and thought that maybe their kids (especially the boys, hello?) might get hurt on that, and they'd have bought something else
What is wrong with people?
Are they SO helpless and cow-like that they can't think for themselves anymore?

"If it was unsafe, they wouldn't sell it.  I should be reasonably able to trust this thing."

Ever hear of cigarettes?

I'm tired of this "blame generation".
Tired of it.


Teresa said...

Oh I am sooooo with you!

The Gray Monk said...


What is it with the present generation that they expect everyone else to look out for them? I agree with a friend who says stupidity should be a capital offence.

I'm in the same camp as your father and husband here.

Christie Critters said...

Totally agreed. When we bought for Stubble we looked carefully at the display models before making choices...and I have a handy husband who always checked for sharp edges and filed them down..he even does that for me.

Andy said...

Standing O, Roses! Of course, I'm an old guy that was grown before the consumer product safety folks were born.

People really are clueless when it comes to anticipating problems with products...or anything else for that matter.

And, they have become so reliant on others (the herd mentality) that they truly turn to stone when they actually have to think for themselves about something.

Anyway...good piece.

Harvey said...

My parents would've watched my hurt myself on the protruding key and said "be more careful around that protruding key".

Oh, and better pictures:

Bou said...

Did I click on something wrong? I got a picture of an alligator in a big blue tub...

I'm with you 100% on this. Trust me, those dorks got money before the recall.