Thursday, September 30, 2010

Return to Sender

Let's say I e-mail you today and say, "Hey, I'm sending you a package in the snail mail."
About when would you tell me that package got to your house?
a)  Never
b)  The day it arrives
c)  Sometime later that week, because, you know, I have a life Roses, and I'll get around to it
d)  Listen, Roses.  I didn't ask for this thing you're sending, so if you care, call me sometime and I'll let you know

I want answers.

Because three times, now, I have sent close relatives handmade gifts, and three times they did not acknowledge the gift.
I don't care if they liked it or thought it was the most godawful, butt-ugly thing they'd ever seen.  I just want to know that it's not lost in the mail.

Is that too much to ask?

One gift was a baby blanket for my cousin's newborn baby.
It's not like I expected a timely, formal thank you card from a woman who just gave birth and is caring for three children.  But, eventually, you know, I'd like to know she got it.  Any of the times we chatted, just mention it, that's all.
Years later I wondered aloud what ever happened to it, and she casually replied, "I got that.  Yeah."
Good to know.

One was a sponsor gift from Elder Son to his godparents.  He crafted it with thought, consideration, and love.
We boxed it up carefully and sent it out.  I e-mailed a heads-up that it was coming. 
E-mailed again the following week asking if they'd gotten it.
About a month later, nothing.  I finally called on the phone.
Oh, yeah.  It had shown up a couple days after I told them it would.  It's proudly displayed on their mantle.

Why wouldn't you let us know it got there?

Recently, an adult nephew asked me to make him a hat in his favorite pro team's colors.
Did it.  Sent it.
"Dude, it's on its way!" I message him on Facebook.
That one I figure he thinks is butt-ugly and he doesn't want to hurt my feelings.
But, he also did some traveling around the same time I mailed it, and then he moved.
So, I'd like to know where that hat ended up.  You know?
Did he get it?
Or, is some stranger who is now renting his old apartment walking around with it?

Oh, and by the way there... YOU'RE WELCOME.
::looks around on the ground for a couple three thank yous::

Do *you* see any?  No?
Hm. Go figure.

Common friggin' courtesy, people.
If I could mail you some of that, at least I'd know you got it.


Dani said...

You should have at least have gotten a "Thank you for the thought" from these people.

A little lag time is between receipt and thank you is ok, say maybe a week at the outside.

Teresa said...

Good grief!

Of course for one thing it's a learning moment for your son... always acknowledge a gift and thank the person. Always!

As for people who don't acknowledge - then they don't get anything else ever again.

Priscilla said...

There are just so many ways to communicate these days. Why is there still so little of it going on?

Kris, in New England said...

I've given wedding gifts and never received any kind of acknowledgement. And I've mailed gifts and gotten - crickets.

It's a horrible feeling and it does sometimes cause me to give consideration to those relationships.