Sunday, September 02, 2007

Game Night - Sorry Cookies

I baked five loaves of banana bread (had a lot of brown bananas) and 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies today.
The males in the family suffered through supper with ten dozen cookies stacked at the end of the table.
Smelling cookie-y.
Calling their names.

The husband finished first.
"Gimmee a cookie!"

Instead of handing him one, I replied, "I was thinking..."
(group groan)
"... that we should play Sorry!, and nobody gets a cookie until they move a man Home."

"What?!? No!"

But some quick calculations from the school-aged males brought immediate approval.
"That means we each get FOUR COOKIES! Yeah! Let's do it!"

It was a very interesting game.
While everyone was very eager to get their first man Home, they all were even more intent on making sure the person who withheld their cookies in the first place would not get hers very soon at all.
"Sorry, Mother."
"Sorry, Mother."
"Sorry, Honey."

Ha! No, they weren't.

"Sniff! After I slaved over all the banana bread that you love..."
"Did I show you the blister I got from the cookie sheet...?"
"Don't you love your mother?"
"Yes, I do... Sorry!"

No sympathy for Mother.

They all won/earned their cookies.

But only *I* know where I hid the rest.

Heh heh heh...


Lemon Stand said...

Oh Bravo! I'm thinking I need to try this out! Great idea... especially the hiding the cookies part. :o)

Rave said...

Pure Evil.

Pure evil genius!

I gotta try that sometime!

Jay Cam said...

cookie-hiding.... lol i like to hid cookies inside my stomache

loria said...

I understand about hiding the cookies. I do that from time to time too. What works great, is an empty of box of fozen spinach. After you cook the spinach, save the box and put your cookies in there and into the freezer. No one will think to look in there. hehe!!
(or any type of frozen veggie that they don't like)