Monday, December 01, 2014

The Annual Gift Exchange

Historically, The Husband's family has given us unusual Christmas gifts.  I have blogged about them in the past.
But I actually feel bad making fun of The Husband's family this year.

You see, since the mother-in-law moved out of our house, I have developed a healthy tolerance for her behavior.  It's amazing how the little things are less bothersome when you don't have to deal with them days on end without rest.
Also, The Husband's siblings have started sharing their thoughts and feelings more since the mother-in-law is no longer a resident in my home.  So, I now have a deeper understanding of their motivations.

That being said, I can tell you about the gift The Husband's sister gave me at the annual family Thanksgiving gathering.

She asked, "You're the one who likes Stephen King, right?"

Yes, and yes.

I was very excited as she dug through her bag.  She triumphantly pulled out a paperback book and declared, "So, you like Daniel King, then!"

My first thought was, "Uh, Daniel King (whoever that is) is not Stephen King. But I'll be open minded."  I look at the paperback she is holding up for me.  The author is not Daniel King.
It is Danielle... Steele.

No disrespect to Ms. Steele, but pretty much the only thing her stories have in common with those written by my favorite author is that they both come in books.

Not Stephen King.
Not even Daniel King.
Danielle Steele.



I think what the sister-in-law originally meant to ask me was, "You like to read, right?"
She should have just left Stephen King out of the equation.
Still, I showed enthusiasm and graciously accepted her kind gift.

So, I get where she was coming from.
But that's not near as funny.  ;-)


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

I commented a while back on really liking the work of a certain musician and wished I had a certain recording. For Christmas that year I got a CD of NOT the musician, but someone with an entirely different musical style. Which they knew (didn't they??) I dislike intensely. I like music, right?
Relatives are weird. That's all you can say. They are weird!
(It was even a double CD of a special concert. Two CDs to never listen to. Wow!)

Thumper said...

What makes it even funnier is knowing how much King loathes Steele as a writer...

Dani said...

I feel your pain. My Mom's an inconsistent gift giver. Sometimes she finds something really awesome you never knew your life was missing until you received it. Sometimes she gives you things no one has wanted or had a use for in the history of ever.