Monday, June 18, 2012

Need your input...

I spent most of the weekend playing with plarn.
I have such a collection of it stored in the basement, thought I should finally make something of it.
I hoped there were enough Target shopping bags to make a nice, big tote bag... and there were.
So, I did.

I'm pretty happy with it, actually.
The Husband says it's the nicest one I've made so far.
(I think he even referred to it as "pretty" at one point.)
I think it looks like peppermint candy.

Here's where I need your input:
I don't know what kind of handles to put on it.
Short handles for gripping and holding the tote bag at your side?
Long handles for carrying the tote bag over your shoulder?

Take a look at the pics, and tell me what you think..

It measures roughly 13 x 10 x 6 inches.
The solid white color on the bottom is where the bag rests flat when it is upright.
The books are to give you a sense of the size of this tote bag.  (And a sense that I like Stephen King a little bit, I guess.)  Since the plastic is a little stretchy, I wouldn't recommend carrying *this* many books at once.
However, you could certainly pack a lot of clothing in it or carry vegetables home from the store.

I am also considering designing the next tote bag to have sides that grow increasingly larger as I work toward the top... much like a market bag or beach bag.

So, two questions:
1)  Short handles or long?
2)  Larger flared opening at the top or straight sides?


brandi said...

Hmmm. Well, I love the long handles myself. Maybe why I have ache-y shoulders, but awefully good if you need your hands free for other stuff!
And flared openings? No. Just makes me want to fill my bag with more stuff. And more stuff. And more--well you get the picture.

Thumper said...

Longer handles give you wearing it like a backpack on the walk home from Walmart... Short handles mean switching sides every other minute, and your hands get all ouchy.

The Gray Monk said...

Long handles. Thumper summed it up. A bag this size can egt pretty heavy.

vw bug said...

Personally, I like longer handles. And I agree with brandi... no flared openings. Love the look of it. You are very creative!

Roses said...

Next question, long handle folks...

One long strap from one end to the other?
Or two long handles, one on each side?

A lady at work bought a plarn bag from the company charity auction, then promptly brought it to me to put a long purse-like strap on it.
So, she ended up with a bag that had two short handles and one long one.
Of course, her bag was half the size of this one...


Moogie P said...

Two long handles, no flare.

This is really clever!

Roses said...

*update 8/8/12*

I went with a pair of long handles that allow you to carry the bag on your shoulder as you would a purse.

Since a friend of mine is highly amused that I make my own plarn, and since she is getting married next month, and since she is registered at Target, I've decided she's getting this bag as part of her wedding gift. I'll buy her something from Target, wrap it in pretty tissue paper, and give it in this "gift" bag.