Monday, June 11, 2012

Traveling Marching Band (revisited)

Remember the mother/son marching band double team?
Apparently, they thought a couple years time might change Younger Son's mind.

Well, they were right.

Younger Son came home just excited as all get out about the weekend marching band.  He'd love it, he was sure of it.
He was going to Sunday's practice, and he was gonna love it and join it and LOVE it!

As sure as he was that he was going to love it, I was sure he would not.

So, I told him, "You should go.  Check it out.  But, dude, if you wanna join it, you're going to pay the dues for it.  If this was a school activity or a requirement, your father and I would gladly foot the bill, but it's not.  This one is all you."
He said, "Great!"

And he gleefully trotted off with the mother/son marching band double team.

Three hours later...

"I hate it.  I'm not gonna join that."
"Hey.  If you hadn't checked it out, you'd never know.  You'd always wonder what you were missing."
"Oh.  I know.  And I'm not missing anything."

Sometimes, you just gotta find stuff out for yourself.

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