Monday, August 22, 2011

Turkey Salad Sandwich

I chat up my contestants before we play the quiz during my radio show.  Find out what they're doing, what their weekend plans are, how many kids they have...
Most often, during the school year, I get parents sitting in their cars waiting for their children to get out of school.  Through the summer, I never know what I'm gonna get.

On Friday, I got Mark.

Me:  Are you done for the weekend, Mark?
He:  No, I'm just sitting in the van, eating lunch.
Me:  That explains why it sounded like you were driving home.  What's for lunch?
He:  A turkey salad sandwich.
Me:  And?
He:  And... another one.

How to you top that?


Andy said...

Heh! Dontcha' just love people?

Bou said...

Did Mark sound like he was in his 20s? I think they still eat like teenagers at that age!