Monday, August 15, 2011


The last time The Husband asked for "a sign", we packed up our house and moved two hours away so he could take his current job.

He revealed to me over the weekend that recently he'd been asking, again, for a sign.
"You didn't."
"I did."

He got the sign Friday afternoon.
Changes are being implemented today.

We will not be moving.
We will not even be changing jobs.
But, changes are coming.

We'll see how this goes.


Dani said...

Good luck. I hope they are good changes.

Thumper said...

Last time I asked for a sign someone was about to dig into my brain for gooey treasures. I hope the sign he got yields as well as my fortune cookie sign did...

Andy said...

I believe in "signs." I asked for one about 20 years it...moved to an Indian Reservation about a thousand miles away (was probably the best four years of my life to that point).

After four years, I asked for a "sign" again. But, not just one sign. I asked for seven.

Got 'em. Moved back 15 years ago. Been the best 15 years of my life.

To this point.

Good luck, Roses (and Mr. Roses).

The Gray Monk said...

Good luck.

Moogie P said...

Best wishes!

Roses said...

Now that it's done, I can tell you...

The Husband, for months possibly years, had been contemplating switching shifts with the morning news guy. There were benefits to doing mornings; there were downsides. But, there were benefits.
The biggest obstacle to switching hours was the morning guy himself. He would not want to change his hours. The Husband, as the news director, would have to *make* him.

When The Husband starting asking me point blank what I thought of such a move, I told him all the things he'd been thinking. But, I told him the choice was his.
And he started asking for a sign.

Friday afternoon, management told him they were firing about a dozen employees. One of them was going to be the morning news guy.
The Husband would have to change his shift and start doing mornings.

Be ever so careful what you wish for.

Bou said...

Ouch. I hope someone isn't looking for a sign that they want to swim in fire. I need my job!

I'm happy for him!! That's one of those 'God is screaming at you' signs. I like those best.

I ask for signs and am always ever so thankful when I get them. In April, I was asking for a sign about what school my 2nd son should go to. The very free and TOUGH public school that you apply to, or the local Catholic school his bro goes to. (Great education, but not free.) 2nd son got wait listed at the public school and I said to my husband, 'I think it's a sign...' Then I started fretting over how we would pay for two, and my husband came home one day and said, "Hey, I got a tax return today for my business... it's almost the EXACT amount for tuition for T." Our band director, a deeply spiritual and good Christian man said to me, 'You hear Him don't you?' and I said, 'He's not whispering. He's YELLING. Yes, I hear Him." So T is going to the Catholic school.