Tuesday, February 08, 2011


People have hurt my feelings inadvertantly more times on Facebook in the one year I've had an account than anyone has ever done on purpose my whole life.

Click "like" if you can relate.


Anonymous said...

I would but I can not find you
on FB.

kay lee Kelly

Dani said...

I have one family member who is so passive agressive it's unbelievable. I can't unfriend her 'cause "Family" so I just blocked her from my feed.

Or you can do what most of the rest of the family did and just give up Facebook. Depends if you're getting anything good out of it.

Andy said...

I can't relate, Roses. That's because I Facebook under a false identity...oh, I have a real one, but don't ever look at it.

The false identity is much better. I have the "friends" on there that I really want to converse with.

The real one...got all the "must Friend just because" on it. I steer clear of it, because I don't need the aggravation.

Amber said...


DogsDontPurr said...

I don't facebook, but my husband does so that he can keep track of what is going on with his brother's side of the family. And let me tell you, that side of the family is straight out of a Jerry Springer show, needs to go on Oprah or be healed by Dr. Phil....etc. It's a soap opera...daily.

It is incredible the things they put on facebook. It's like they think they're having a private personal conversation....but they don't realize the whole world could be listening. OMG...the rudeness, the complete idiocy! The airing of very private info!

So, I understand where you are coming from. People get on facebook and it somehow zaps them and makes them forget manners...and they become oblivious that other people might be reading.

So, try not to let it get to you too much. I think it's a facebook phenomenon. It turns some people into thoughtless idiots.

Miss Em said...

L I K E !!!!!!

Got one check it occasionaly. Rarely write on it.
Having tooooooo much fun with my blog.

Miss Em

Roses said...

When I deactivated my FB account last spring, no one noticed. But then I reactivated it (so much easier than you'd imagine it should be) because I just couldn't help myself.

Now, I'm trying to ween myself off it. I've hidden most everyone from my newsfeed, and the few people that are left post so rarely that it's almost not worth it to visit. And when I do log on, it's not for long because there's very little to see.


Bou said...

I know you know I don't FB. There are many reasons, but I think you added to it. I have enough hurtful things in my life...