Monday, February 07, 2011

What? I *told* you I have a problem.

The Husband and I bought a credenza about the size of a twin-sized bed.  Still, I whined to The Husband that I didn't have any place to put things.
He opened a drawer of the credenza to point out all the room available, but he found the drawer full of yarn.  He pulled open another drawer.  Full of yarn.
A third: full of yarn.

As he began to laugh, I protested, "What?  That's only three drawers of yarn.  And... five baskets.  And that grocery bag full in the back of the closet.  Shut up."


Dani said...

You could make a really really big afgan.

gizzylaw said...

Or tell a good yarn......
Sorry, that purl just sorta slipped out.

Miss Em said...

Personally, I need a craft room.
Maybe?? "The Husband" would take a hint that had a few pic's with it.

Miss Em

Roses said...

Oh, the problem is I buy the yarn so much faster than I can stitch it into things.

I'm in the middle of two afghans, a couple dozen hats (for a homeless shelter), and as many headbands as I can make so a friend can sell them for me in order to give me more money to buy more yarn.