Monday, October 06, 2008


I thought this was a really good day, but now...

This year, both boys are on the same soccer team. All the practices are in one location, all the games are at the same time. One game each week means we can watch a WHOLE game rather than half of one before running across town to see half of the other.

Oh sure, it's awesome to see either boy playing.
It's awesome to see either one make a great move or score a goal.

But, more than that... there was Saturday morning...

... when Younger Son head butted an airborn ball, chased it as it bounced to the ground, then passed it straight to Elder Son who booted it in for a goal.

Now, THAT was a really good day.


Tammi said...

OK, that gave me chills. Seriously.

A GREAT day in the Ack! Thbbbt! house!

Richmond said...

Well yay! That's worth getting up on a Saturday for!! :)

Bob said...

Good thing you kept your composure, eh?