Saturday, May 19, 2007

JUST like the movies...

My face is sunburned and tear-stained.

Today was soccer tournaments.

Between our two boys, we had five games to watch.

Neither boy was all too concerned with winning.
They both just like to play.

The final game of our day belonged to the 12-year-old and his team of 6th-8th graders.
It was a play-off to see who of the four teams in his grade level would be in third and fourth places. (read: the biggest loser)

The other team had no reason to worry.
The 12-year-old's team hadn't won one single game all season.

In my head, I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if my boy's team could just win one.
Just this one.
Even if they'd still come out in fourth place, they'd at least get to win one... just like the underdog in the movies. Like Rocky. Go down fighting with dignity.

Amazingly, our team was the first to score.
This was the first goal they'd made all day.
They were ecstatic! They could go home losers and be happy now.

When the game tied, no one was surprised.

I was simply enjoying watching my boy.

It was exhilarating to see a crowd of running, kicking, scrambling legs pound up the field and realize that the one pair of legs that came out ahead with the ball neatly gliding ahead of them belonged to my boy.

My boy who is one of the youngest and least experienced players on the team.
My boy with the look of determination on his face and the wind blowing through his hair.
My boy darting around the other team's players.
My boy... with the clear shot at goal!

My boy!

My boy who kicks the ball a little too far left, but who keeps playing like it was just another kick.
It occured to me then that if he had scored a goal, I might have burst into tears.

He continued to play hard. He pressured the other team.
Blocked kicks, stole the ball. Didn't let the other team catch a break.

His team scored again!

And they pounded up the field again for another!

Foot work.
Again, it was my boy with the shot.


And I burst into tears!
(I am such a sap as I tear up again typing.)

One of his teammates shouted, "Hey! We haven't had three points all year!"

The game ended with a score of 4 to 1.
The 12-year-old and his teammates were elated.
They had finally won a game!
The last game of the season.
The last recreation game for the 8th graders on the team.

Then someone did the math.

Because they scored so many points in this one last game, this only game they'd won all season, they beat the other team in the tournament.
They won third place.

You never, ever saw a happier second-to-last place team in your life.

Just like in the movies.

It was a good day.


Mrs. Who said...

*wipes away tears, too*

I just love when that happens!!

Richmond said...

Rock ON!! That's farookin' AWESOME!

Bou said...

I love that...