Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two Word Movie Review - Iron Man

(No spoilers. Safe to read.)

Here are your two words:

"Heavy Metal."

I really liked it.
The character of Tony Stark was fun to watch from egotistical beginning to redeemed end.
The special effects were decent. You didn't sit there and think, "Oh, that was fake" as much as you stared wide-eyed thinking, "Oh! That is SO cool!"

And, oh yeah.
Stuff blows up.
It rocks!

There is some non-cartoonish violence.
Some minor torture scenes.
Body cavity ickiness. (No butts, just nose... and well, that thing in his chest.)

It's rated PG-13, which in our house means "Pretty Gross for 13-year-olds."
Which leads to my favorite part...
There is one quick scene of gratuitous s.e.x.
And I'm sorry I cannot report just how gratuitous it was. Because as soon as the romp began, I shot a look over to the 13-year-old to see his reaction.
It was priceless.
In the dark theater, I could see him looking back at me with an expression of utter betrayal.
The kind of look your child would give you if you poured ketchup and mustard on his ice cream.
The kind of look that says, "Things are supposed to blow up, why are they kissing?!? EW!"

That was the best part... heh, heh, heh...

It was fun.
It was funny.
And it kicked insurgent ass.

See it on the big screen if you can.


HapKiDo said...

Well said! It really was a good movie.

I had a decidedly different reaction to the gratuitous scene. I just remember wishing I had that much money/charisma...

Roses said...

Hap: A good script writer helps, too.