Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yesterday Morning:

"Time to go to school, guys!"
"Can you make me a lunch real quick? I have a field trip today."
"Can you adjust my bike helmet? It feels scratchy."

This Morning:

"Okay, guys! Time to go to school!"
"Oh, darn! I just remembered one more page of math homework I gotta do!"
"I forgot to tell you I need new shoelaces. These ones snapped yesterday."

Tomorrow Morning:

"Mom, we were late for school again yesterday. You should make us leave earlier."

Because *I'm* the one holding up the show.



Richmond said...

This sounds soooooooo familliar.

Mrs. Who said...

Kids!! Never their fault. :)

Roses said...

It's never:
"Hey kids, your friends are here!"
"Aw darn! I need you to sign this first."
"I can't find my (insert nearly anything here)!"

But try to get them to go to bed or to school...

Lemon Stand said...

Ah yes, I think this is the case for families all around the world. I often wonder if my offspring will ever be able to go to college or hold down a job successfully when the only person they can blame their tardiness on is themselves. Sigh.

roses said...

Lemon Stand: *sigh* You know they'll be right on time when they finally don't have us holding them back.

::rolls eyes::