Wednesday, April 10, 2024

One Good Thing 4/10/2024


I got a raise today.

It's an annual, every-gets-one kind of raise, not based on merit.
But, I've worked in plenty of places where no one ever got a raise.
So, I'm happy to work in a place where I get even small raises every year without having to ask/negotiate/beg for one.

Another one:
My boss went out of her way to call me and tell me in person before she told anyone else. I'm gone on vacation the rest of the week, and she didn't want to make me wait until Monday to find out.
It's possible that company policy required that she tell me before the end of the pay period Friday. But still, she went out of her way to accommodate me personally. 
So, that was nice.

One more:
Two days of PTO this week! Yay!
Today is my Friday. Four day weekend begins today!

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