Monday, February 12, 2024

This Is Not Your Room

A gentle reminder to spiders and ants,

You get to live in my house provided you stay in your designated areas. These areas include:
 - in the walls
 - behind major appliances 
 - under pieces of furniture where cat toys can't fit

I believe I have been generous in this agreement given that I also allow you residence in closets, the basement, and the garage provided you clear the area as soon as a human appears. And you're welcome to resume activites as soon as the human exits.

But listen, one of you hung around the cat litter box WAY longer than the agreed upon parameters stated above. I reminded said subject of our agreement and requested immediate compliance. When they refused to budge, we had words. Eventually, they crept around the corner with what was clearly attitude.

I'm giving you all this opportunity to review our agreement amongst your group. Please remember to include all newcomers as they may not be fully aware of all the rules.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to many more years of peaceful cohabitation. 

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