Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Ironic Makeup Applicator

Contents of travel kit:

1. Fold up toothbrush
2. Mini tube of toothpaste
3. Half dozen cotton swabs
4. Sample size makeup remover wipes
5. Sample size hair gel
6. Combo brush/mirror compact
7. Deodorant
8. Razor

I keep this travel kit stocked and stored in the linen closet so I can grab it at a moment's notice and rush out the door on an unplanned road trip, like the one I took last week to attend an uncle's funeral in Michigan.

Each time I use the kit, I restock it and put it away for next time.  Sometimes, several months will go by before "next time" happens.
Like this time.
I think the last time I restocked the travel kit was June 2016 when The Husband and I took an end of the semester celebration vacation.  So yeah, a full year.

Now, there are some items I don't put in the travel kit because I use them everyday. Things like my meds and my makeup I have to remember to pack in the same way I have to remember to pack extra pairs of underwear.

I remembered to pack everything before I left for Michigan this week.
However, I had forgotten that I'd recently washed the pressed powder makeup sponge that I'd been using. This sponge was still drying on my bathroom vanity in Wisconsin when I popped open the pressed powder in Michigan.
Well dang. I have powder, but I have nothing handy to apply it to my face.

What to do.  Options:
1. Go without makeup
2. Use my fingers to apply the makeup
3. Rub the pressed powder container on my face
4. Find a substitute sponge-like item 

Option #4 was already inside the 12-month-old travel kit.  Can you guess what it was?
Apparently, year old makeup remover wipes dry out if you don't seal the package completely.  When they do, they turn into sturdy, lavender scented tissues. And what do you know? If you fold one up enough times, it's the same thickness of a makeup applicator sponge!

I was delighted and amused with this ironic solution; I was able to apply makeup... with makeup remover.

::takes bow::

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