Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Buddy System

The impending change in the weather was having an odd effect on people's moods this week.
Clients seemed particularly short tempered.  Random people seemed bummed out over nothing.
Just a general emotional weight seemed to be over everything.

He:  I'm sorry I made you sad.
Me:  You didn't make me sad.  I was sad when I got here.
He:  Yeah, well, then I dragged you down even farther.
Me:  Honey, I jumped in the deep end of the pool all by myself. So, you splashed me a little. I was already sopping wet.


stapeliad said...

Spring does have that effect on people.
And it isn't even really Spring for another month.

Roses said...

You got that right.
We had 50 degree weather over the weekend, then a giant snowstorm on Tuesday.