Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Throwing in the Towel

I keep our good bath towels on the bottom of the stack. My reasoning is, the other towels will have to be used first. Some weeks, we don't use all the towels before laundry day which means the good towels don't get used at all that week, get used less overall, and therefore will stay nice longer.

In theory.

There's always the odd occurance of "man logic" that says if there's a tomato spill, the only way to clean it is with the white dish towels we save in the back of the drawer for when we have guests. The same logic dictates sopping up greasy automotive messes with the softest, thickest bath towels.

Today I noticed one of the "good" bath towels in the laundry basket. I thought, "Hm, we must be getting down to the bottom of the stack of towels.
But when I checked the closet, there were plenty.

Someone has discovered the comfy, soft " good" towels and has gone through the extra trouble of unwedging one from the bottom of the pile to take a shower.

And y'know what?
That kinda makes me happy.

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