Thursday, January 01, 2015

Two Word DVD Review - Guardians of the Galaxy

Here are your two words:

Eighty Percent

(I'll explain those later.)

The Husband and I purchased our DVD copy of Guardians of the Galaxy on New Year's Eve.  We wanted something special to watch at home (knowing we'd fall asleep long before the ball dropped in Times Square).
We had seen Guardians of the Galaxy in the theaters and remembered liking it a LOT; so, we splurged paid the full $19.99 price for the DVD.

Full price!
As cheap as we are, we must have liked it MORE than just "a lot" in the theater.

I think I liked the DVD at home about 80% as much.
And I say this in part because during the exciting prison break scene, The Husband asked me, "Are you going to do this through the rest of the movie?"
He was referring to my running criticism of everything wrong with the movie.  I hadn't even realized I was doing it.

"Why does he even care about those two guys?"
"Why didn't she just take the first guard's arm band?"

Silly, nickpicky stuff.
For the sake of my marriage, I kept my thoughts to myself for the rest of the movie.  However, Elder Son walked in toward the end and started his own vocal observations.
That was kinda funny.  For me.

It's not as if I wasn't enjoying the movie, but I think the flaws were a little more obvious on the small screen in a livingroom than in a theater with surround sound.

Still, the story is told beautifully.
Five people who have every reason to distrust and repel each other come together seamlessly and flawlessly.  It's a delight to watch this comradery unfold.
It is like lining up dominoes one by one, so when they finally all topple down together you can't imagine any other outcome that could have happened.  "Of course it would have happened that way!" you would realize.

After the initial opening sequence which makes me wince and tear up just thinking about it, Chris Pratt's character is amusing throughout the movie.  You might think of him as a kinder, gentler Malcolm Reynolds.

The reason my two words are "Eighty percent" is what the DVD lacks.... extras.

Number one reason I buy a DVD is to be able to watch it at home as many times as I want.
Number two reason, extras.

You would think there would be some mighty fine outtakes in an action/comedy film, but there aren't in this one.  Not one blooper or behind the scenes silliness.
Documentaries, making-of videos?  None.
Deleted scenes, maybe?  Eh, there's one, and it's lame.
(The two words come from that deleted scene where Gamora states she's "80% sure" Rocket's laughter is fake.)

No, the only extras you get are movie trailers.
I don't count those as extras.  As much as I love trailers, I count them as very entertaining commercials.  And these ones are all shown at the beginning of the DVD.  So you don't even get different trailers as extras.

Were they in a big hurry to get this DVD on shelves?
Is a better one coming out later?
This version gets an 80% from me.

The movie gets a 100%.
Because I'm thinking I kinda wanna watch it again right now.


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Dani said...

I do the same thing all the time. Even with movies love and I've seen a hundred times after a while I can't help but see and point out the flaws.

Roses said...

Dani, I've had guys break up with me over my movie chatter.

I feel bad because I think I'd be really annoyed if The Husband picked apart movies I liked a lot.
He is a very good and patient man. :-)