Friday, May 10, 2013

The Pajamas

You guys will appreciate this one...

My neighborlady passed away recently.  You remember her; she'd been widowed several years ago and missed her husband terribly. 

The day after the funeral, I ran into one of her daughters and after a great, long hug I proceeded to tell her nice stories about her parents.  How they'd been the first people we met when we moved to town, and how her mom brought us a plate of cookies every Christmas, and so on.

I also mentioned the visit she'd gotten from her late husband late one night.  How she'd spent that day sorting through his clothing and how she'd described him standing in their bedroom wearing pajamas.
"'He just walked through the wall, and then he was gone'," I quoted my neighborlady to her daughter.  "'Well'," I then quoted myself talking to my neighborlady, "'maybe he's trying to tell you to keep those pajamas'."
"Maybe so," she had replied.

My neighborlady's daughter listened quietly to this little story and nodded.
"That explains what we found," she said. "There was a pair of men's pajama pants under Mom's pillow.  Nobody knew why she'd have ever kept those."

Now they know.


Thumper said...

That is adorably awesome! :)

Mell said...

Roses! Welcome back! I've missed you terribly.

Wonderful story

Roses said...

Thanks Mell and Thumper.

I forgot to mention...
They tucked those pajama pants inside the casket and buried them with her... without knowing why she had kept them. :-)

Mrs. Who said...

Oh...that is beautiful!

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

One of my friends died due to domestic violence. She worked at a nursing home, and was loved by everyone. Once a week she and a co-worker would "get some exercise" by walking to a local cafe and eating pie. They walked it off, didn't they? She was buried with a fork....
Not so strange.