Friday, May 31, 2013


I was out for a walk with The Husband when he remarked that a neighborlady mowing her lawn with a push mower was probably doing it for the exercise.  This prompted me to share a story:

Whenever my dad saw women walking past the farm for exercise, he would mutter about what a waste of time it was to walk for health when there were so many productive things available to do.  He often remarked how he'd be happy to set them up with his push mower.
"They can walk all they want to around the yard for a workout!  I won't even charge them for the service.  Well, maybe for gas..."

The Husband chuckled.  "That is funny."
"He never made the gas comment. I added that."
"Still funny."
"That's what makes it a true story... only funnier."
"I know."

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