Monday, January 07, 2013

Powered by...

I am washing dishes when Elder Son, like so many times before, comes up behind me and gives me a hug.
"What's that for?" I ask him.
"For doing the dishes and stuff," he replies.
"Y'know, I don't mind doing dishes so much because when I do, all three of you guys give me hugs.  When you and Younger Son move out, I'm gonna have to get a dishwasher because there won't be enough of you around to make washing the dishes worth the effort anymore."
Elder Son contemplates this statement for a moment, and then says, "Dishwasher: powered by electricity.  Mother: powered by love."

I am beginning to think I just might miss him when he moves out.


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

No matter what you say different, you have some pretty wonderful kids! You done good, Roses!

Christie Critters said...

How SWEET! If I had known how when he was 21 I'd get a little impromptu back scratch or hug from Stubble, I wouldn't have fantasized about running away from home when he was 15...
You're getting good stuff NOW - and it only gets better. And if you play your cards right, he may not leave!

Roses said...

No, no, no, Christie!
He has to go.
No, really. He still needs to get out of my house.

But at least now I'll let him come back once in a while. ;-)

diamond dave said...

Never underestimate the power of a good hug.