Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bill Murray would be proud.

It was one of those mornings when everything was going wrong.
By the time Younger Son and I climbed into the car, I had a good head of steam going.

So... when the car began acting up, I said some things in a tone that my children don't often hear.
"Stupid car!  Stupid, cheap, piece-of-crap car!"

There was a moment of silence.
Then Younger Son turned to me and said, "Don't drive angry."

Happy Groundhog Day!


M said...

Outta the mouthes of babes...

Dani said...

I hope this won't seem creepy but I kinda love your boys.

Also that is one of the best movies ever.

Miss Em said...

Well 'blueyeoki' said it all.

obtw, whose idea was it to buy that "stupid, cheap, piece-of-crap car"?
you aren't looking in the mirror, are you?

Miss Em

Oblivious Beast said...

I've taken to using "smurf" as a replacement cuss word. The screwy weather we're having is making the loopy drivers come out. And our cars are trying to buy the big one. Bad batteries abound! Smurfing cars.

Oblivious Beast said...

Love that movie too.

The guy who did the presentation this year was named "Bill" and looked like a cross between Bill Murray and Bill Engvall, but older. I'm suspecting a Bill conspiracy. ;)

Roses said...

The beauty of having a cheap, piece-of-crap car is that when your soon-to-have-his-driver's-license teen drives it into the ditch, you don't cry as hard.

Miss Em said...

That being the case THEN that "cheap, piece-of-crap car" is the best kind to have.

Miss Em

PS good idea to stock up on the hair dye because the 'soon to be driver' will definitely make it go "gray-er" faster.