Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh, Holy Crap! (and other Christmas carols)

Dad's in the hospital with heart issues.

No.  This is his first Christmas without Mom.
His heart is broken.  So, he's in the hospital.

Let's re-cap the year 2010, shall we?
Found out in January that my sister has terminal cancer.
Mom died in May.
My best friend started divorce proceedings over the summer.
Elder Son began drivers training in the fall.
Was nearly poisoned to death by the medical profession.
And now, Dad.

Here's what you can do for me this year:  instead of wishing me a Merry Christmas, wish me a hearty "Holy Crap!"

I want that.


Thumper said...

Aw man....My mom is kind of in the same boat, her first without my dad. She managed to fall the other day and conk her head so hard that EMTs had to be called, and she thought he was still alive. Heartbreak all over again when she started to recover and realized he wasn't...

Roses said...

Geez, Thumper. That earns you a Holy Crap.

Holy Crap, sista!

Dani said...

Oh good grief...and Holy Crap!

Also I hope your Dad gets better quickly (well physically, I know emotional pain takes longer to heal...or scar over at least)

This coment is getting all depressing....Ummmm PUPPIES!!!!!

Roses said...

Holy crap!


Andy said...


Harvey said...

Sacred Excrement!

(no charge for the extra syllables)

Andy said...

Harvey...I just loves me a show-off!


Holy Crap!!!

bx19 said...

You ain't getting a "Holy Crap" from me,
Just My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

The Gray Monk said...

Seems to me time to share my family motto with you Roses -

Sumus semper in excretum; sed alta variat.

Oh and you'd better have a Sacra excreta as well.

Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas and a safe one.

Roses said...

Gray Monk: That is simply beautiful.
::wipes a tear::

Roses said...

Harvey and Andy: I'm so glad you guys get me. Thanks!

bx19: Graciously accepted. Thank you.

Mrs. Who said...

And the question was, 'What did Joseph say when he went to change Jesus' diaper'?

(Okay, gotta run now...there are a bunch of nuns with yardsticks chasing me!)

Prayers for your Dad...

Andy said...


Nyuk...I thought I'd heard 'em all...

vwbug said...

Prayers, good thoughts and Merry Christmas.

Jen said...

The Holy Crap made me think of this: It's Jeff Dunham xmas special. The part that I wanted you to hear is at the very beginning. Hope you get a laugh and Holy Crap! to you and your fam.

Roses said...

Jen! I looOOoove Jeffuhfuh DunHAM! dot com!