Monday, November 22, 2010

Told you so!

Elder Son comes home from driver's ed, and because he is a teenager, he is hungry.

I tell him, "There is some delicious stew on the stove."
But he eyeballs the items on the table.
I explain them.  "The tan things are awful biscuits, the brown things are brownies."
And because he is a teenager, "I will have a brownie," he says.
"That's fine.  But if you're hungry, you should have some delicious stew."

He eats a brownie.  Then he asks, "Can I have a horrible biscuit?"
A moment later, "Do I have to finish this?"
"No.  You know, I told you the biscuits were awful, but did you believe me?  NoooOOOooo.  I tell you the paint is wet, but you still have to touch it."


On a related note, what is it with males that when one of them announces that he has passed gas, the others wait for the olfactorial proof?
"Aw, dude!  You did!"

Well, yeah.  He told you he did.  What were you expecting?
And why were you waiting for it?

Guys?  Really?


Lemon Stand said...

Too funny. Our daughters and my husband once had a conversation how manly men pass gas and girly girls, toot... (a conversation that took place at our kitchen table and that lasted the entire meal)

vw bug said...

Universal language of males. My boys do the same thing. Ugh. Except my 7 year old thinks the word toot is hilarious, so they use that right now.