Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bowl of Kittens

The newschick and I were discussing what a political attack ad might say about each of us.

She figured there'd be something about the community garden where she works with at-risk children, and it would include the phrase "illegal child labor".

And for no reason whatsoever, I said the attack ad against me would accuse me of eating kittens for breakfast... in a bowl... with milk... and a fork.


It's official.
I've definitely heard too many political ads.

All the same, what would an attack ad against you say?


Dani said...

Did you ever watch the Tick? The cartoon one not the live action.

No? To bad it was AWESOME!

Okay the Tick and his sidekick Arthur are super heroes but in one episode they have to infiltrate some bad guys and the main villan decides to give them a test to prove they are evil. "Here, eat this kitten!"

They actually rescue the kitten but that always makes me laugh because it really is the most evil thing you can do.

Hmm this is getting long. So in short I would not vote for you if you ate kittens so that's a pretty good smear.

Anonymous said...

Mine would say,
Slasher of those who produce
attack adds,
strikes again, film at ten".

kay lee kelly

Andy said...

Mine would say, "Andy taunted a little red-headed crippled boy in the First Grade. And, he stole a cassette tape from Stan's Record Store in 1969. And, he tortures cats just for fun!"

Well, the attacker would be 3 for 3, I guess...

Roses said...

Oh, Dani! The Husband and I *love* The Tick! I must have missed the episode you mention, but that's hilarious!
(P.S. I got to interview Patrick Warburton when The Tick went live action. I asked him just how much padding went into the suit. He answered, "Quite a bit in some areas. Not so much in others.")

Kay Lee: Very nice!

Andy: Oh, Andy.

Andy said...

Well...not all political attack ads are lies.

Just sayin'...

Mrs. Who said...

Mine would say I feed poor people...WITH KITTENS!!!

las794 said...

Oh, there's WAY too much ammunition in my past!

Dani said...

I love that you love the Tick too. Roses is just a cool chick!

Roses said...

Mrs. Who: Bah-ha-ha! Good one!

Priscilla said...

Mercy! So many ghosts in my closet I wouldn't know where to start.

I could never be in politics because I cannot deal bullsh*t or accept it either.

Takes a 'special' person to be in politics.

Lemon Stand said...

If we kept in the vein of 'kitten' responses:

My attack ad would probably say 'I've trained my kittens to spit lemon seeds and vomit all over people who eat kittens for breakfast... in a bowl... with milk... and a fork (although the results might be different if you used a spoon); people who like to torture kittens for fun (again, if it's not for fun the results might be different); people who feed poor people... with kittens (I do believe the results would differ greatly, however, if you had fed them politicians who 'use attack ads', 'fill my answering machine with political ads', or 'one you just think might look good on a silver platter... with an apple stuffed into his/her mouth'. Then it would depend upon the garnishes, basting ingredients and roasting temperature. I do believe this last one is perfectly acceptable.)

Guess I'm just mean that way. **shrugs shoulders and walks away**

Bou said...

Wow. I'm too easy a target. It would say, "Don't piss her off. She's a b!tch". That would be enough for people not to vote for me... I'd never win since it's true.

I'm so glad the elections are over. Now we're finished, we have what we have, and... I'm ready to move. And some of these jerks I was forced to vote for.