Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Elder Son:  What is this Viagra stuff, anyway?  Is it a sleep aid?

Husband:  (spit take)  Uh... no, son.  It kinda does the opposite of put you to sleep.

Me:  Yeah.  It keeps you up.


Miss Em said...

Educating the young can sometimes be a dose of quick-eee ... {big deep breath and long suffffffering sigh} ... thinking.

[ snicker, snicker ;~} ]

Miss Em

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

I gave up snickering at this. Chortling is much more ...dare I say satisfying??

The Gray Monk said...

Chortling? Sorry, ROFL!

Priscilla said...

Two very funnies in a row!

You have not lost your touch!

Yay Roses!

Richmond said...

Hilarious!! :)