Tuesday, October 24, 2006

13 Things That Irritate Me

Jaj at The Funny Farm posted these 13 things.
The more I thought about it, the more I figured I could come up with a few, too.

1) Air fresheners that smell like food. Like I need my bathroom smells to be associated with vanilla and fresh baked pie. Ewww!

2) When the grocery store puts items in places I wouldn't expect them to be. For example, I expect bar soap to be in the health and beauty aisle with shampoo and toothpaste... but it's not. It's with the dish soap. Don't ask me to buy matches. I have no idea where they hide those.

3) People who complain about how lousy their vacation was... when you are the one who had to pick up their slack while they were gone from work. And especially when they have more vacation time than you do. Jerks.

4) Finding just the right gift for someone's birthday months ahead of time, and then completely missing their birthday when it comes.

5) Finding just the right gift for someone's birthday months ahead of time, and then they go out and buy that thing for themselves before you can gift it to them. Drat!

6) When people hum or whistle a popular tune... and they hum/whistle it wrong! You'll be humming along with them and suddenly, bam, they throw in a wrong note or half of another song they think they're humming. Argh!

7) When my kids make me say, "What?" a million times before they get to the point.
Like this:
Hey, Mom.
Guess what?
I was at school, and you know what?

Sometimes, when they ask, "You know what?" I answer, "Yes, I do."
That slows them down for a second or two.

8) Hang up calls. If it's a wrong number, they should just admit it and say they're sorry. If they called their mother or grandmother by mistake, they wouldn't hang up on her, right?

9) Telemarketers.

10) Telemarketers that use automated dialers, so 4 or 20 homes get the same phone call, but only the first person to answer gets the telemarketer and everyone else gets hung up on. Everyone loses.

11) Automated telemarketers. If it's not important enough for you to pay a human to call me, then it's not important enough for me to hear. (Sometimes I feel better by holding down the * key and letting the high-pitched squeal mess with their system.)

12) People who think their money can buy them anything... especially things like respect and forgiveness.

13) People who let money buy those things from them.


Anonymous said...

#11 - Depending on my mood, I like to hold and then when a real live person comes on the line I say, "your call is very important to me. Please hold for the next available family member." Then, I set the phone down and walk away until the phone starts beeing in protest.

It amuses me to no end.

Anonymous said...

beeing = beePing.

Thumbelina's Mom said...

#2 - in the grocery store I frequent the matches are with the toothbrushes, way up high on the top shelf where vertically challenged people have a hard time seeing...and I bought hand soap yesterday and the first place I looked was the cleaning/dishsoap isle but it wasn't there - it was with all the feminine products and essentials.

#7 - I know exactly what you mean

#11 - I'll have to try that sometime - and I love writersblock's answer too!

loria said...

Yes I agree with you on all those, especially, #1, #6 and #7. Mostly #6. I hate it when people hum or whistle songs they think they know.
By the way, what did ya think of D.H. on Sun.? Pretty good and gonna get better.....

Mrs_Who said...

Yeah, I'm STILL looking for the matches.

And when my Dad gets a call from a telemarketer who asks if he'll listen to a recording, my Dad always says 'yes'. And when the 'real' person comes back on, my dad tells them he has no interest in buying it. When they ask why he bothered to listen to the recording, he tells them "Then you're not bothering anybody else for 20 minutes!"

Roses said...

writersblock: I am SO going to do that next time! That's hilarious!
And one better... if I get a telemarketer at work, I can put them on hold so they get elevator music to listen to!

loria: I'm starting to wonder if Orson's missing wife, Alma, killed herself... and maybe we've been misled about Orson all along.

Anonymous said...

i always find the matches in the pots and pans isle..idk why they go there