Sunday, July 23, 2017

Library, the Sequel

I had a good weekend.
The Husband drove up north to visit with his family today...

He asked, "Is it okay if I drive up to visit my sister on Sunday?"
As he followed up the question with, "You can come along," I was already replying, "Is it okay if I don't come?"
And there was a little awkward silence before we both burst out laughing. I had the house to myself for several hours.  I spent the time gathering materials to apply for another library public relations job.

I finished by the time The Husband returned.  I'm exhausted.

Just wanted to let you guys know I'm still out there swinging.  Send good vibes.

It's Monday, and I've already received a "we got your stuff" email from the library job I applied to yesterday.  Not even a full 24 hours have passed.
This is nice considering I've applied for six jobs so far this year, and only one other place gave me the courtesy of letting me know they received anything.
Really, it's not like they have to hire me or even grant me an interview; just let me know my stuff arrived, that's all.  It's common courtesy, not a commitment.

**Further update**
A few hours after the library acknowledged receipt of my materials, another place I'd applied to sent an almost identical email.
Not as impressed with the second note.  I'd sent in that application nearly a full month ago.  Makes me wonder how poorly run the organization is, and how frustrating it might be to work there.

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