Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mortarboard Designs

It'll be four years before I get to wear one, but I'm seeing pics of creative high school and college graduation caps now. ('tis the season)
And it's making me think about how to decorate my mortarboard when I finally get to cross the stage and accept my degree.

I'm a Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Firefly, and Games of Thrones fan.  So these are pretty cool.

I know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.
I'm a "mature" student. (already have an AARP card next to the student ID in my wallet)  I'm older than some of my teachers. I hope to graduate before I retire.
I currently work in website development and online marketing.
My degree will be in Public Relations.
I think yarn should be involved somehow.

In the end, I may just go with something like this:

Until then, I'm open to suggestions.
What should my college graduation cap look like in 2020?

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