Saturday, March 05, 2016

"Get Your Motor Running" - Steppenwolf

Elder Son has a special way of holding and petting the cat that consistently makes the cat so happy you can hear him purr from across the room.

Yesterday morning, Elder Son walked into the kitchen with the cat tucked comfortably in one arm.  He waited for me to acknowledge his presence. When I did, Elder Son silently mimed the act of pulling a motor cord on the cat, and the cat started purring.

It. Was. Brilliant.


Crazy Cat said...

My husband gets jealous of me sometimes when it comes to the cats. I just seem to know how to turn on their purr engines. He is still learning.

Jessica P said...

One of my cats purrs like that too.

We have a chant for it:

"She's the Rumble-Cat!"
"She's the Rumble-Cat!"
"She's the Rumble-Cat!"

.... repeat until it gets very annoying.