Saturday, February 13, 2016

Two Word Movie Review - Deadpool

Here are your two words:

"Killed It"

Your two words come from:
A) an excellent translation from comic book to big screen
B) all the murder/death/kills in this movie, and
C) finding an unconventional way to kill cancer

Special note to Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan:  *This* is what a funny cancer movie is supposed to look like.

For those unfamiliar, Deadpool is a Marvel comic character.  This domestic mercenary is diagnosed with late stage cancer; with nothing to lose, he tries an untested, unconventional method of cancer treatment.  The result is a body that heals everything; however, the results do not heal the sarcastic, mercenary tendencies of our hero.

Here's the trailer:

This is not your daddy's super hero.
This is your teen-aged son's super hero.

Head's up:
Because of the (obvious and not completely necessary) X-Men cross-over, it's helpful to have some awareness of the Marvel comic book universe to fully appreciate how some of the characters are related to this story.

Every male's inner 12-year-old will love this movie. There's action, there's sarcastic humor, and there's boobies.

The humor is juvenile, but it is very clever.
But just because the humor appeals to an inner child, this does not mean you should bring your child.
It's not the kind of movie you want to watch with your parents, either.

This movie is rated R. 
There's violence, spattering blood and other body pieces.  There are lots of sex jokes.  There's one amusing, year-long sex scene.  And yeah, there are naked boobies and butts.

Heh, heh.  Naked Ryan Reynolds butt.

Oh. Yeah.

The opening credits alone give you a good idea of type of attitude and funny you're in for.
And because it's a Marvel property, there's a Stan Lee cameo and a bonus funny after the closing credits to watch for.

The Husband and I liked this one a lot.
We can't wait for Elder Son to see it, so we can all compare notes.


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