Sunday, September 13, 2015

Despite myself, I'm okay

Hey, I know I haven't posted anything necessarily funny in a while, but between the sadness of death, the stress of starting a new school semester, and the looming empty nest future, I have been okay.

I have laughed.
I have a co-worker who is so entertaining that I've thought of dedicating a whole new tag just to conversations he and I have at work. I just haven't had time to type out the funny things we say... Or I've forgotten them by the time I have a chance to open my blog.
You know how that goes.

What's really funny about this co-worker is that he, in turn, has joked that he has considered launching a website that contains nothing but funny things I've said at work.
He doesn't know I have a blog.

So, in case you were concerned, I'm good.
I'm in a good place emotionally,  mentally, and vocationally.

I just haven't had enough non-study, non-homework time to do it all justice here for you.

But I think of you often. I hope that counts for something.

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Unknown said...

That is awesome! I have actually had the same thought about blogging the ridiculous things that my best friend (crazy ex-girlfriend, whom I love to death) says.