Tuesday, May 05, 2015

What It's Like to Find Someone Who Gets Your Sense of Humor

The grocery clerk wasn't old enough to run the six-pack of beer the man ahead of me wanted to purchase, so the clerk called to the Service Desk, "Can I get a scan, please?"

The woman behind the Service Desk had been in the middle of inflating a mylar balloon.  She came over with a giant football balloon pinched shut in one hand and scanned the beer with the other. 

As she walked away, I said to the clerk, "You can't scan beer because you don't have a football. You need a balloon in order to scan alcohol."
The clerk smiled as the customer looked at me sideways. "I wondered where you were going with that," the customer said slowly. 
"Going absolutely nowhere," I quickly replied. I got the impression this guy was NOT amused one bit by me poking my nose in his beer business. Not one bit. I pointed at my head and drew an invisible circle around it. "Not going anywhere but here."  
He nodded. "Funny in your head but nowhere else. I get it."
He collected his change and his purchases and walked away. 

I suppose there are people in the world who never speak to strangers out in public. I am aware that people find it odd that total strangers sometimes make random comments to them at Walmart.
I'm that odd person that talks to strangers. I can't help it; I think I'm funny. (There's a song that goes with that.)
Yeah, I get looks.  I think disparaging remarks are made behind my back.  I often wish I could keep my mouth shut. 

But sometimes, I meet a kindred spirit. 
The beer customer obviously was not this kindred spirit. 

The clerk was. 

He rang up my order, and as he bagged my groceries, he glanced at the next customer's stuff on the conveyor belt.
There was another six-pack of beer.

"Can I get a scan please?" he called out.
"And bring the balloon!" I added... and immediately wished I hadn't.
The clerk snorted. "She has to inflate a different balloon each time she comes over."
We grinned at each other.
I told him, "I would go buy some beer just to see that."
He shrugged.  "It's store policy . What're you gonna do?"

Absolutely made my day. :-)

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Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Most people don't get my funnies either.
I don't care.
But if they do, it DOES make my day!