Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Funny Song

Many years ago, in a radio station far, far away...
I was part of a morning show which included a very talented intern named Nick. Nick has a singing voice like Rob Thomas (he says he sounds like Winger, but I didn't even know Debra Winger could sing) and is Adam-Sandler-talented as he wrote original holiday songs and performed them for us on his acoustical guitar.
Nick wrote "Tube Socks for Christmas" and "The Year the Turkeys Went on Strike" before he joined the Air Force and left us weeping in his absence.


While Nick was still there, the "Up with People" people came to town looking for publicity. We invited them into the studio one morning, and the two representatives who came (a guy and a girl) were so entertaining, we told them to just come in every morning as long as they were in the area. Just hang out with us.
So, they did.
Well, apparently, they grew to adore Nick just as much as we did, and one night they followed Nick to his "real" job at a local watering hole.

In the studio the next morning, the three of them were all good buddies, a little bleary-eyed maybe, but laughing and sharing goofy inside jokes.
It was comical and very cute.


Somewhere in the middle of the morning when I told a pretty lame joke, about half a beat too late the two "Up with People" people burst out laughing!
And Nick turned beet red.
That would have been odd enough, except the "Up with People" people were pointing at me and shouting, "It's the Funny Song!"

The Funny Song?

"She doesn't know! You were right, Nick! She doesn't even know!"


Nick, by then, was trying to make himself as small a possible, but it wasn't working.

Not to worry. The "Up with People" people were more than happy to explain.
"Last night, Nick told us to watch for the Funny Song today! And you DID it!"

"I did what?"

"You sang the Funny Song!"

"What's the Funny Song?"

And there was another burst of laughter, which I then realized was at my expense.
The "Up with People" guy wiped a tear from his eye and further explained, "Nick told us that whenever you tell a lame joke, you bounce around in your seat and sing, 'I think I'm fuuuunny!' And you just did it!"

"I did not!"


Well, I didn't know whether to be angry, embarassed, or amused.
So I was rather ticked for a while.


Not much later, because apparently I can't help but tell lame jokes (a LOT), they all burst out laughing again.

And I realized that I had just sung the Funny Song again.


How long had I been doing that?
Don't know.
Could have been years.

What kills me is, how long had Nick been snickering about it, and how many people had he pointed it out to before the "Up with People" people blew it for him?

I find it very funny now.
But it makes you wonder what kinds of habits you have that you don't even know you do.



Carter Clark said...

i have seen the "funny song" from you -- even way back when. Well, maybe not.

i have not habits (and i am not catholic either)

Now i am dancing in my seat......

Roses said...

You know, Carter, I wouldn't doubt that you've seen the Funny Song in the past... don't doubt it at all.