Sunday, April 12, 2015

How to Hide a Candy Stash

My candy stash was discovered this week, and I found myself wondering again, "Where can I hide my candy so my kids and husband can't find it?"

It's not that I'm greedy.

Just, sometimes, I buy a special kind of treat that is maybe more expensive or maybe a little more decadent than a simple bag of Hershey Kisses. And I don't want the people I love to snarf it down like it's a bowl of popcorn.

Here's a list of ideas I've used.  What other suggestions do you have?

1) Feminine Supplies
One popular hiding spot is the tampon box.  No male would ever think of looking there, and I suspect that any male who knows the truth about what's hidden in the box would never touch the tampon box to get it.
The tampon box is a good hiding spot for a lot of things.  Money, a small notebook, credit cards would all be hidden well there.

If you live with women, however, this hiding spot may be discovered easily.
Plus, I'm not fond of keeping food in the bathroom. So, this is not a place I can hide my candy.

2) Containers of Food Only You Consume
For a long time, I managed to keep my candy stashed in a powdered chai can right next to The Husband's coffee.  No one ever drank chai but me.  No one else ever opened the can.  No one suspected anything even though there were always two chai cans up there.  They all assumed I kept a spare so I'd never run out.

You can hide almost anything in a food container that no one else opens.  Diet food packages or specially flavored coffee/tea are good options.  "Grown up" breakfast cereal boxes are great for hiding things from small children.  If there's no cartoon character on the box and no sugar in the package, they will avoid it like bathtime.
I kept candy in a box that used to contain snack bars that the boys didn't like.  Kept it right there in the cupboard next to all the other snacks.  I watched the boys pick up that box, look behind it for something tasty, and put it right back on the shelf without knowing a thing about its inner secrets.  The only reason this spot isn't still in regular use is because The Husband found it... and he started eating my chocolate*.

My chai hiding spot was only found out because my family members are so darned thoughtful and considerate.  One morning The Husband and Younger Son were working in the kitchen while I was minding my own business reading the newspaper at the table.  The Husband asked if I wanted some chai, and before I could say anything, Younger Son reached into the cupboard to get the can down for me.
The can of powdered chai... rattled.
Game over.

3) Personal Hobbies and Crafts
Ain't nobody in my house gonna go looking through a basket of yarn.  They'll never find the Ziploc baggie of chocolates buried in the bottom of that pretty mess.

*Important Note:
The secret to keeping your stash a secret is to make it appear there is nothing hidden to begin with.
Once your stash is discovered and you need to change it, leave a decoy in the place that was found.
That box of snack bars the boys don't like that The Husband eats from?  I keep a handful of candy in there just to make him think that's still where I hide candy from the boys.  He has no reason to go looking anywhere else.


Thumper said...

Underwear drawer. If the boys go looking there, you have a discussion other than candy to have ;)

Dani said...

Along the same lines as Thumper's suggestion. I keep mine in my closet. This works less well if you share a closet with husband but even then he's not gonna go pawing through old purses or shoe boxes. And if anyone does find it you have a valid point in asking what they we're doing looking there.

Moogie P said...

Fiendishly clever!

Roses said...

The Husband told me to stop at the store on my way home from work today because I was almost out of chocolate. I told him I appreciated how he keeps daily tabs on my supply for me. ;-)