Monday, December 15, 2014

Perfectly good answers... to completely different questions.

He:  Do you want to go to lunch?
She:  Are you all alone?
He:  No, Todd and Gary left.

(Dude, if they left, then yes, you are alone.)

She:  Taste this.
Me:  What is it?
She:  It's Dianna's.

(Okay, that's whose is it.  Try again.)

With friends, waiting in line for show tickets, I think I see one of Elder Son's buddies closer to the door.
Me:  (to my friend next to me) I think that's Jim Jones up there. Do you know the Jones brothers?
She:  (points to teenage girl in front of us) Yeah! This is Jennifer right here!

(I... just... I... What?)

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